Monday, November 21, 2011

This is what I paid $600 for? The observation deck is “scribbled out?” Where’s the 45 degree angles? I wanted a post every 10 feet, not 12, because that gives me 12, 10x12 stalls instead of 10, 12x12’s…like we discussed and YOU wrote down?

When I called Eric and tried to remedy the matter the games began. I never had trouble finding Eric before but now he wasn’t around his shop when ever I stopped by. Phone calls weren’t returned. I ran out of patience and had to pay $19 at the Palmer District Small Claims Court to get a straightforward explanation, completed plans or my money back. It was the only time I couldn’t resolve a difference over a cup of coffee.
Eric ended up doing me a favor because closer inspection of his frames revealed poor engineering and craftsmanship. Some of his frames had basic errors that I wouldn’t expect from an experienced frame builder. Often, the way he set his beams (hanging them on the tenon instead of a shoulder) caused the frame to be unnecessarily weak. At one of his barns, chunks of wood were glued back into where they should have never been cut (a real eyesore). If Eric’s character was as poor as his craftsmanship, I might have ended up with a barn that was unsafe. I would have probably paid more when he made mistakes or as I discovered that he wasn’t building what I asked for.


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