Monday, November 21, 2011


I ordered one inch and quarter inch pegs from Northcott in New Hampshire. I could have made my own pegs but buying theirs was much more time and cost effective. I met a young builder that decided to cut down a tree with an axe and then hand hew his posts and beams, just like the colonists. I think he finished one or two beams before he realized just how long that takes.
Before long Greg showed me how to use a $1500 Makita Chain Mortiser and I was cutting out holes for the braces in the posts and beams. Other than the mortiser, the tools were simple, (a table saw, a ½ inch drill, Skil saw, ½ inch router, a 4” grinder, a hammer and a 1 ½ inch chisel). Later I bought a DeWault sliding miter saw that wasn’t necessary, but saved tons of labor while making very precise cuts.


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